If you read our blogs regularly, by now you would be well aware of the importance of accounting and finance for a business. Staying
It is quite easy and favourable for most business owners to make the presence of their business firms known to their potential customers. In
After months of what can only be described as the most divisive and controversial political decision since, well, probably since the UK joined the
When you are running a business there seems to be a thousand things a day that pull you in all directions. That means you
The other Challenge People sometimes take it very lightly and believe that with the help of the measures that the government is taking, the
Making Tax Digital, sounds like three simple words which can turn the tables when it comes to small businesses owners and self-employed people. Government-level
“The new normal”, doesn’t it sound like an empty and meaningless phrase? It almost sounds like what it actually means is “whatever comes next”.
A website or an online store is a wonderful opportunity for business owners to take advantage of the increase in web users. An online
Taxes give us all a headache. They are best left to the experts. Taxes can get complicated and you do not want anything going
When your finances are not making sense, and there is more money leaving the bank than coming in, many people will recommend hiring an
Establishing ourselves as accountants in Milton Keynes has not been easy. Far from it, in fact. We have had to rely on marketing and
Most businesses are started without proper financial planning. While you might factor in the expenses for your premises, employee salaries, advertising and warehousing, many
You might not be aware, but an accountant can help you and your business in multiple ways. Multiple life changing ways. Regardless of having
Christmas is coming and that means the long break and the gradual slide into holiday mindset. It is also, apparently, the time of year
As of writing this we are starting to see people asking about how to respond to the second lockdown. Before we do anything else
In a nutshell, form P87 is all about how to claim for some the costs of employment. The chances are that at some point
Accountancy is a funny business sometimes. While most owners and management teams are aware of the role we play in everything from reaching the
There was a rather dramatic headline this week declaring that we were at risk of turning our city centres into ghost towns if business
Summer has finally arrived, and we are all thinking of heading off to enjoy it. While there is a lot to do here in
It is rare to find a business that does not need to replace equipment or buy new assets at some point. There is occasionally
You would be surprised how often people who run or own a business cannot accurately answer some vital questions. We all like to think
Surviving a sudden financial crisis in your business. As the recent problems surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have demonstrated, it is simply not possible to
You need your accountants to be just as ambitious as you We salute Britain’s one-man bands, contractors, and freelancers – but we’re not the
The ongoing public health crisis posed by Covid-19 has emerged as a once-in-a-generation pandemic, upending all aspects of routine life, including the way we
Some thoughts on how to work with off-site employees 2020 was the most unusual start to the business year in living memory and it
Options for opening a new business post-lockdown. If I am being honest, I am getting a little tired of hearing about ‘the new normal’.
I just wanted to follow up from my previous posts to provide some clarity on directors who wish to apply for the employee retention
I’m just writing to give you an update on the new measures announced by the chancellor this afternoon and pre-empt some of your questions:
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Who is it for: All businesses Who will it help: Employees & Directors who can’t work because of coronavirus, earning
Starting a retail store online is an exciting venture for most business owners, mainly because it helps you reach a vast niche audience while
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