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Advice on business structure

It can sometimes be difficult starting a new business, with so many things to think about, the challenge can be knowing where to start. The key starting point is to decide upon the structure of your business, whether that’s a sole trader, partnership, or private limited company. At N-Accounting we can provide advice and information on the benefits of each, and highlight the key financial elements for consideration.

Advice on banking, invoicing, and payment methods

All businesses are different and depending upon your type of business you’ll need to consider the best way to take payments from your customers. Are you providing a service? Supplying goods or products? Are you selling online? The accountants at N-Accounting in Milton Keynes can talk you through the options for invoicing, taking payments, and agreeing any credit terms, that will work for your business. This way you can make an informed decision.

Funding your business

Looking for funding to help get your business off the ground, or to grow your business? N-Accounting can help identify different ways in which to achieve this. From a business loan, to grants or private investment. We’ll talk you through the options, just get in touch today.

Drawing money

Are you looking to take a regular income from your business? We’ll highlight the ways in which this can be done, to help you budget accordingly. Ensuring your accounts are on track from the start will help you see how much your business is making, and plan for any future purchases or growth.

Free Xero Accounting software

Working with N-Accounting, you’ll benefit from free Xero accounting software, enabling you to manage your accounts. Of course, as you would expect, we’ll ensure the software is set up correctly, and provide training to enable you to get the most from the package.

Free trial of Float cashflow planning software

Wanting to keep on top of your cashflow planning? We’ll give you a free trial of Float cashflow, a software package that enables you to see your detailed cashflow. This is useful for future planning and when you’re considering growing the business. We’ll set it up, and providing training too.

Introductions to other industry experts

The accountancy team at N-Accounting have a wide range of contacts with different industry expertise. If you’re looking for advice or are struggling with certain aspects of your business, from business planning to sales, HR to marketing, we’ll help you make the right connections.

N-Accounting, accountants in Milton Keynes, will help you plan your business, understand your accounts, so you can focus on making your business succeed. We’d be happy to have a chat, just call 01604 330129 or email. [link through]

Setting up a business?

Northants Accounting, helping you take that step into launching your business. For further details, simply get in touch today, just call 01908 382315 or email.

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